Technological Trends

With thanks to Flickr’s Texture X for the image.

In an ever-digital age, this week, we’re looking at some seriously techy tidbits – a theme that we’ve no doubt we’ll revisit – that should be firmly on your retail radar.


Retailers are continuing to refine the shopping experience, not just in bricks-and-mortar stores, but across the digital sphere. From browsing via mobile, to placing an order on a tablet, to checking the progress on a desktop, absolute synergy is needed across the shopping platforms to bag that sale – which might just be picking up a ‘click and collect’ purchase in store.

-The Mobile Wallet

Pizza Express, KFC and Starbucks are just some of the brands who’ve created dedicated apps for ordering goods and paying bills, while MasterCard has developed MasterPass, a way of storing card details in the cloud for faster payments via mobile.

Location Targeting

Bluetooth is back on top, notifying shoppers of everything from toilet locations, to special offers and car park directions, or advertising a product, then giving directions to the nearest stockist with just one swipe.


The use of screens for store windows is growing. On the most basic level, they’re the ideal way to showcase product in store, filtering between images. The second tier is motion-sensitivity, changing what’s presented, according to a person’s movements. And the top level is touch screen, which is arguably the best way to encourage interaction, and finally breaks down the barrier between observer and participant.

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