Spotlight On Retail: Awesome Ads: Copy

Photo credit: Mike Mozart on Flickr.

As retail insiders, we know what works. In this edition of our Spotlight On Retail column, we’ve pillaged the internet to round up 5 inspiring examples of print copy that hit the mark – and what lessons can be learnt from them.

1. Be a clever sud

Injecting humour is an easy way to inject personality, and Tesco nail it with snappy, slick and short copy that’s reminiscent of its slogan: ‘every little helps’.


 2. Sarcasm sells

By turning their attention to their audience with a sarky comment, Oxfam manage to highlight what others lack – the perfect introduction for their charity.


3. Ask a question

It might seem that McDonald’s, the world’s official junk food giant, has no need for advertising – but in reality, they spend the fourth-most on ads of any advertiser in the States. In this example, they use some ingenious wordplay to simultaneously ask a question and prove that their brand caters for all tastes.


4. Out of sight, out of mind?

In a ‘no publicity is bad publicity’ fashion, Marmite cashed in on the public’s love-hate relationship with their spread with an ad that served to keep their product at the forefront of the consumer’s mind, while developing on an already-ionic mantra.


5. Personality is the biggest player

Appealing to the man’s man (who fist-fights wild animals, dashes with his wit, and impresses girls and gents alike), Dos Equis ads pitch their product as premium by putting it in the hand of this sage, rugged character – and the move is honoured by web-spawned copycat attempts.

Dos Equis

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