Industry Buzzwords Column 3#: The Negatives Of Multichannel Retail

Photo Credit: Hobvias Sudoneighm on Flickr

In the modern age, there are multiple ways to shop. Smart retailers are therefore figuring out how to connect the dots and make themselves shoppable, whatever method a customer chooses. The result? The birth of multichannel retail – a consistent, coherent customer journey across modern platforms like social media, mobile/tablet and websites (online), as well as with more traditional print advertising and in-store experience (offline).

But, as with any good idea, there are pros and cons to the approach. In this article, we deal with the positives; click here to read the positives.

The negatives

1. Security issues
With online, you run the risk of alienating customers according to website cookies, privacy policies and entering sensitive information. Mobile customers who plug in via phones and tablets may also feel wary about their personal details.

2. Not enough clarity
With so many different ways to contact customers and make that sale, things run the risk of becoming overcomplicated, rather than concise; this is why the brand experience is so crucial.

 3. Cost
The expense of linking all channels and investing in the most up-to-date technology can be a strain on the finances – so it’s important to make sure that the end gain will outweigh the primary cost.

4. Brand experience
Putting your name to more than one stream means absolute synergy is needed – look, feel, tone, offers – while still offering something different for the customer.

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