Spotlight On Retail: Awesome Ads: Design

Photo credit: ChrisGampat on Flickr.

With years of experience working for retailers, we know what works. In this edition of our Spotlight On Retail column, we’ve raided the internet to round up 5 inspiring examples of print design that hit the mark – and what lessons can be learnt from them.

1. Challenge perceptions

In a case of ‘harsh but fair’, the diet food brand use a mind-trick to transform the back end of a bus into one that’s leaning from the weight of someone who could do with losing it, never mind watching it.


2. Draw a parallel

Some of the most powerful ads are the simplest. We love this association between ‘melting’ planet and melting ice cream – it’s a reference that WWF have made in many a campaign, but we’ve got to admit that this one hits the point home the hardest.


3. Use your environment

Bic’s shaving billboard implies that you could cut your lawn with their razors.  A decidedly ‘sharp’ ad that leaves us wondering what they’ll do to our leg hairs.


4. Make the most of your space

We’re not sure whether Saatchi & Saatchi were inspired by the manhole, or simply had to fill its space – but either way, their clever cup of coffee ad deserves a thumbs-up (though we’re not sure it smells as good as it looks).


5. Harness the imagination

Lego’s ad is beautifully simple, and captures the essence of their brand – that their product can be turned into anything, with just a little imagination.


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