Spotlight On Retail: 10 Clever Christmas Ads

In true festive spirit, we look to days of yore and round up the best of Christmas print ads. From magical design to sparkling copy, these are as timeless as they are rib-tickling. 1. Hellman’s Mayonnaise What better way to prove that this classic condiment is even suited to the Christmas table, than with a reference to Santa’s beard? Hellmans

2. Pepsi

Pepsi – so good, that even inanimate soft toys will be itching to get their mitts on it. Pepsi

3. Adidas

Adidas – making a play for the season, so we can make sense of this effective ad.


4. Nike

If this is how Santa delivers all those presents (and in a single night, too), then you can certainly get off your sofa to make that Christmas dinner.


5. Volkswagen

Another company choosing the iconic symbolism of the Christmas tree, VW have Christmas cracked. VW

6. Gillette

We hope he walks round like that for the entire day.


7. Kit Kat

Because even Santa isn’t super-human.


8. Bell’s Telephones

A vintage ad with a sentiment that still rings true.

Bell Telephones

9. Atari

‘Get hardware and software, not underwear’ states this ’80s Atari ad.


10. Lionel Trains

Our final ad – and the third vintage throwback – uses classic wordplay to get its point across. Lionel Trains