Spotlight On Retail: 3 Exciting Product Predictions For 2015

Photo credit: Light Collector on Flickr.

With the new year edging ever-closer, it’s time to look to what 2015 will bring retail in terms of products – specifically, the technological.

1. Amazon Prime Air will revolutionise home delivery

It’s common knowledge that drones are of great use to the military – besides their surveillance and maintenance abilities, they’ve been a key tool in search and rescue missions and, equally, for transporting aid for disaster relief. So Amazon’s new delivery theory, which aims to fly products to the customer within a 30-minute window from order placement, isn’t as wild as it may seem. A recent update from the American-founded company doesn’t shy away from the fact that the US’ Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) has some tight regulation regarding the ‘unmanned aerial vehicles’, but it’s confident that 2015 will be the year its idea truly takes off.

2. Apple Watch will rival the mobile wallet

Apple proudly unveiled their Apple Watch this summer, and the expectation is that the wearable tech – which aims to be an extension of sister device, the iphone – will become a means of payment that’s always within reach.

3. Google Glass will get app-happy

Although Glass has been slated for violating privacy, being costly (retailing at around £1k), and even creating an addiction,  the head-mounted gadget no doubt has its uses: it’s already proven itself to be a voice-activated, hands-free life-saver in the medical field, where it recently made waves, together with rival company Microsoft’s Kinect technology. Next year, the dream’s even bigger – getting consumers on-board with applications specifically designed for retailers, like a personalised concierge service.