Channel 4’s Gadget Man: Our Pick

Photo credit: Google images: Channel 4

Comic Richard Ayoade – with the help of Jonathan Ross and Stephen Merchant – debuted the Gadget Man Christmas special on Channel 4 this week, offering a glimpse into the world of technologically wizardry.

Out of an impressive round-up of more than 60 products, we pick our favourite few that we reckon will bring a bit of Christmas cheer.

The WiFi fire

Man might’ve started keeping warm by knocking pieces of flint together, but this innovative, smokeless, bio-fuelled ‘smart’ fireplace is firmly at home in the modern era. The size of its flames – and so, its temperature – can all be controlled over WiFi via an app (and yep, it’s Smart Home system compatible). Retailing at just under £7k, it’s probably more the sort of feature you’d expect in a luxury hotel or Bond villain’s lair, but those with full pockets will revel in its clean lines and looks-good-anywhere design.

The ‘kapable’ Go-Kart

With speeds up to 12mph, and a battery life of 40 minutes per charge, this electric kart is the very definition of big boy’s (or girl’s) toy. F1 racing legend Lewis Hamilton was happy to whiz it round Wossy’s show last Friday, before Ayoade got his hands on the wheel to give it a spin (all in the name of science, of course). Capable of forward, reverse, sideways and diagonal steering, it’s already caused a storm with shoppers and sold out on Harrods’ website. And at £579 – almost 6.5k cheaper than our so-called WiFi fire – it’s a bargain.

The breathalyser of fresh air

The Alcohoot is anything but a hoot – as it stops you making drunk calls, texts and social media posts. Boasting ‘the same technology used by police and military devices’, the device plugs into your headphone jack and, if you’re over the limit, blocks your phone after you blow down the tube. Having said this, it’s just shy of £80 – which is probably worth the shame it saves.