The Vegas Consumer Electronics Show (CES): What You Missed

Photo credit: Getty Images

We covered Toyko’s little foray into tech in an earlier blog post, but everyone knows that Vegas does it bigger and better (and they should do – they’ve held the Consumer Electronics Show, or CES, since the late sixties). Responsible for launching products including the VCR, DVD, Xbox and the ill-fated, short-lived Mini Disc, 170,000 people attended this year’s event, with 3,600 companies each hoping they’d developed the next big thing. One thing was certain, however – electronics giant Apple wasn’t in attendance; they prefer to host their own shows, so it was left to other well-known brands like Samsung, LG and Toshiba, together with tech start-ups, to hold the focus.

Much of the product this year focused on wearable tech and other accessories, as well as cars and appliances (everything from LG’s dual-action washing machine to … £10,000 oven), and there was a strong focus on developing the Internet Of Things, with many products left in the control of an app, or relying on data streamed over WiFi to perform their various tasks.

Now, to cut to the chase – our top 3 picks.

1. The old-school computer makes a comeback

Okay, we’re not quite in the realm of desktops, but laptops – recently usurped by the popularity of tablets and mobiles – enjoyed a resurgence. While Dell did scoop a CES Innovation award for its new Venue 8 700 tablet – the world’s thinnest at an eye-popping 6mm – it also secured 6 others for an array of laptops and monitors, which boasted features like a curved design, and 4 and 5K ultra-HD capabilities. Brands like HP (with fanless CPUs) and Lenovo (frameless displays) also competed.

2. The fast-charging battery gets supercharged

StoreDot’s pocket-sized gadget, which debuted last April, packs a lot of juice: despite being only 900mAh, it can charge a smartphone battery in 30 seconds. The company has bigger plans than just your pocket, however – they’re intending to create a quick-charge car battery.

3. TV design goes round the bend

Flat screen TVs are nothing new, and neither are curved TVs. But one which can toggle between flat and curved? Revolutionary. Samsung created just that at CES 15 in a move that divided critics: while some dubbed it ‘an undeniable feat of engineering’ others dismissed it as a gimmick. One thing’s for sure – the TV’s impressive 105-inch width is a definite plus, while its staggering 170k price tag is an eye-watering negative.

But what about the other feats that didn’t quite make it to the list? Well, home security system, the Nemato Welcome, captured hearts – and wallets – with its elegant design and ability to keep tabs on who’s in and who’s out, while smart doorbell Chamberlain Notifi had a nice ring to it – the wireless design comes complete with an LED-powered camera. And, it wouldn’t be an expo without tapping into the world of virtual reality. Razer’s Forge TV promises to set the gaming world alight with an Android-powered, 4-inch-squared microconsole that can plug into a monitor and Razer Serval controller to play mobile games in large-scale – and all for around £75.