When Art Imitates Life: Tech We Love

Photo credit: Lousie McClaren on Flickr.

It’s only three months into the year, and we’re already seeing some pretty smart tech. Here are our top three so far – smart trousers, interactive mannequins and Marilyn for Coke.

Wallace & Gromit’s ‘Wrong Trousers’ Are Invented – For The Right Reasons

‘Smart trousers’ – a three-year, £2m project from Britain’s own University of Bristol – aims to aid the mobility of the elderly and disabled. The revolutionary technology uses ‘smart materials’ with incredible strength in order to move the wearer, preventing falls, helping with stairs, and ensuring other conditions – like bad circulation – are kept under control.

Ted Baker Becomes A Model Example For Other Retailers

Ted Baker’s short-term plan? Introduce interactive mannequins. Simply being within 50m of one will give customers a notification: details of what its wearing, along with web links to make a purchase. It’s a bold move that hopes to ”[bridge] the gap between off and online retail”, and if successful, will follow through to all stores.

Coke Gives Marilyn Monroe & Elvis Presley The Kiss Of Life

The latest ad from Coca-Cola, the 100-year-old sparkling drinks company, is to take a leaf out of Galaxy’s book and bring screen legends to life. Both Marilyn and Elvis have had the CG treatment, and are shown drinking – ‘kissing’ – a coke bottle. And, in a case of ‘one hand gives, one hand takes away’, that’s not the only news the company has: they’re hoping to bring Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero and Coke Life under one master-brand-umbrella, rather than marketing them individually – with savings to the tune of $600m.