The Retail Round-Up: 3 Recent Happenings We’re Still Talking About

Photo Credit: Rudolf Vicek

Here’s what’s on our radar:

Big Mac’s Big Pants: McDonald’s Creates Burger-Print Thermals

Sweden are being treated to a range of Big Mac-printed clothing, marking the fast food retailer’s first outing into apparel. But don’t expect them to be part of their 99p menu – the thermals are on sale for just shy of £40 a pop. Wellies, dog clothing and, yes, mac-printed macs are also part of the online shop – though sadly, they’re not available just yet. It’s good news for junk food junkies, as McDonald’s recently announced menu cuts following a profit drop, which seemed to hang the 50-year-old burger in the balance.

A Gap In The Meerkat: Comparethemarket Re-Launches Orange Wednesdays

Orange/EE’s buyout by BT last winter looked to pull the plug on the eponymous Orange Wednesdays – the 2-4-1 deal on midweek pizza and cinema that’s enjoyed over a decade of success. Quick to fill in the gap comes ‘Meerkat Movies’ by comparethemarket – only they’re running their copycat offer over 2 days of the week. Launching in April, it’s available for a year for anyone purchasing certain products – expected to be insurance or credit cards..

For Your Eyes Only: Fujitsu’s Mobile Iris Recognition Technology At A Glance

At the recent Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Japanese IT service provider Fujitsu debuted their Iris Recognition Technology – a ‘James Bond’ innovation that unlocks your phone, no-hands, in a single second. It works by using an LED light and infrared camera, negating the need for recent fingerprint technology – which, considering a hacker managed to exploit it with a mere photograph, can only be an improvement.