Have Kinnerton/Unilever Cracked Easter? 2 New Eggs To Try

Photo credit: Lee McCoy

The UK chocolate Easter egg market is worth an estimated £200 million – so it’s no wonder that brands try to be inventive to grab a slice of the market share.  To honour this years-old tradition, we’ve highlighted two eggs to try for those wanting something a bit different.

1. The Marmite Egg 
While Cadbury came under fire recently for switching dairy milk-coated Creme Eggs for Kraft-covered ones, Marmite have scored a potential win with their new Easter egg, which attempts to offset the savoury taste of their sandwich spread with the sweetness of chocolate. Yet another product for their ‘love it or hate it’ canon.

2. The Pot Noodle Egg
Okay, so we lied: Pot Noodle aren’t actually flavouring their egg. Instead, you’ll get a free mug, as announced by their packaging: ‘it’s an egg, you mug.’ Like Marmite, it’s another product brought to life by Unilever and Kinnerton teaming up – and one we wouldn’t be afraid to attempt.