Spotlight On Retail: The World’s Top 100 Brands

Photo credit: Kenneth Lu on Flickr.

The listings for BrandZ’s top 100 most valuable global brands are here, and most of the results are as anticipated. However, a few crept in that raised our eyebrows… Ponder no more – here’s the low-down.

Thanks to the Apple Watch, a record-breaking second quarter of $13.6bn profit and an upcoming biopic about former CEO Steve Jobs, Apple comfortably make the top of the list, while search giant Google – who also own robotics company Boston Dynamics, the Android operating system and video website YouTube – comes second place.  And, despite a notable sales slump in the ‘fast-food’ corner of the food and drinks market, Coca-Cola and McDonald’s still manage to make it into the top ten at #8 and #9 respectively (last year, they managed a slightly better #6 and #5).

For the surprise additions, budget retailer Aldi came in at #90 – the only supermarket chain, besides Walmart, that makes the list.  And personal care group Colgate (#57) and Swedish furniture store Ikea (#64) also made an appearance. But what’s clear to many marketers – particularly in other BrandZ surveys – are that the Chinese market is rapidly expanding, as companies covering everything from banking, to insurance, telecoms and retail rose up, or at least featured in, the charts – with many adding around 40% value to their brands.

You can view the top 100 most valuable global brands listings here.