The Beauty Bulletin: January Edition

Image credit: New York Times.

Our newest blog series, The Beauty Bulletin, explores the latest make-up marvels to hit the market – and the techier, the better. Here are the 3 need-to-know trends that are happening right now.



Images sourced from Buzzfeed video and brand websites (links below).

The personalisation trend knows no boundaries – even, it seems, in the world of beauty (specifically America, France and the UK). Rather than sell generic options for “skin tones”, this make-up is suited to your own skin. Here’s our pick.

BITE – this bespoke lipstick brand mixes your selected shades in front of you. Choose from a library of 200 colours, add a sheen (or go for a matte look), and finally, finish with a fragrance. See it at work here. More info via video

COSMETICS A LA CARTE – covering most beauty bases, the label offers bespoke foundations, lipsticks, glosses, powders and eyeshadows. While some can be made while you wait, some require delivery – a tedious prospect. One of the advantages this brand has over others is the ability to tailor products to your skin specs – eg adding UV protection for pale skin, or creating perfume-free options for sensitive skin.

ROMY – a pioneering prospect, this digital ‘beauty assistant’ gathers environmental and personal data through a wristband and beams it back to an app. The idea is that you can create tailor-made serums in your own home, on demand, as your skin needs change. More info via video



Images sourced from brand websites (links below).

Detoxing. Shakes. Superfoods. Even veganuary. America brings this trend to beauty, getting on board with the idea of healthy living – except this time, the focus is on your skin and hair. Here’s a snapshot of how the strongest 3 compare.

* THE INGREDIENTS: Key vitamins & nutrients, plant extracts and seeds & berries
* THE MANTRA: “Beauty from the outside in” – if it’s great for your body, it’s great for your skin/hair* THE BENEFITS: Similar to that of health foods – immune-boosting, toxin-flushing, anti-ageing
* THE BRANDING: Like an upmarket grocer’s – wood cladding, bunches of plants tied with twine, handwritten


* THE INGREDIENTS: Precious oils, plant proteins, enzymes and “fresh botanical juices”
* THE MANTRA: “Fresh food for the skin”
* THE BENEFITS: A focus on nourishing products with “raw” ingredients inspired by fresh juices & smoothies – pure, potent and organic. Some products even “gluten free”
* THE BRANDING: Lies between luxury spa and cosmetic kitchen, with the label’s background being in nutrition and wellness

* THE INGREDIENTS: Typical vitamin & mineral combinations, as well as “superfoods” kale, spinach & green tea. Ingredients US-sourced
* THE MANTRA: “Superfoods meet science” mantra
* THE BENEFITS: Fresh, effective products for the “health conscious”
* THE BRANDING: Fresh, nature-inspired and “eco”, with the founders brought up in the industry



Images sourced from WGSN and brand websites (links below).

Inspired by everything from buzzcuts on the catwalk to male grooming and the transgender generation, beauty is blurring the boundaries between boy and girl – and make-up is no longer just for the girls. We highlight a handful of brands that are paving the way.

* COVERGIRL recently cast a male model to be their new ‘face’ in a move to make the range more unisex

* MAC collaborated with the infamous NY Brant brothers on a new unisex collection, and just launched a range with Caitlyn Jenner to champion “all ages, all races, all sexes”

* Short-lived ENTER PRONOUN aimed to cover 5 o’clock shadows and tats as well as it did under-eye circles

* AESOP created a line of unisex skin, hair and ‘body’ products (though the packaging is somewhat “masculine”)

* MILK typically use male models for their make-up looks, despite claiming their products are “for the girl on the go”