Why The New BlackBerry Could Be A ‘Sweet Deal’

When smartphones started to take off, sales of BlackBerry – with its huge Qwerty keyboard – slumped. At CES 2017, with its keyboard intact, BlackBerry staged its comeback – but now, the brand has brought its A-game.

Merging the tactile charm of traditional keys with touchscreen capabilities, BlackBerry is definitely the one to watch. Here’s what we know so far…

  1. It’s running Nougat, i.e the newly-launched version of Android. With its capabilities in supporting VR, split screen/multi-window multitasking and faster overall performance, it’s easy to see why Android call Nougat their ‘sweetest release’.
  1. Encryption is key. Promising to be high-security, BlackBerry are following Apple’s lead by incorporating a fingerprint sensor into the spacebar. Will this make the brand more likely to return to its old place as business phone favourite?
  2. The keyboard has finesse. As well as unlocking it with your fingerprint, you can now scroll by running your fingers over the entire keypad, much like a trackpad, rather than using the old ‘joysticks’ or ball pads of the past. It definitely makes the phone feel less cumbersome and more ergonomic.

We’re looking forward to hearing more juicy details about the new phone as they come.

IMAGE CREDIT: César Astudillo on Flickr.