‘Smart’ Cars: The Future Of Autonomous Vehicles

CES 17, Vegas’ annual tech show, ramped driverless cars up a gear with breakout brands and some seriously cool concepts. Read on for our highlights.

Faraday Future & the FF91

Image credit: FF91 for Digital Trends

Image credit: FF91 for Digital Trends

Despite financial problems, and some issues with the car’s performance, the US start-up still debuted in style at CES. While one of its most impressive feats – the ability to go from 0-60 in 2.39 seconds – wasn’t tech-related, the FF91 was still packed with promising features, such as facial recognition unlock, parking via smartphone and a sunroof that can change from clear to cloudy (though we much preferred the Oasis, with its solar-panelled sunroof, which was presented by Swiss car maker, Rinspeed).

Hyundai & the mobility vision


Image credit: Hyundai

The Korean car giant didn’t stray much further than the drawing board with their futuristic vision – a car that’s part of your home – but it was enough to generate buzz. The idea is that the vehicle docks inside your house, giving an extension of your living space and allowing you to step from car to carpet. The car seats double as interior seating, and a power cell generates energy for your home.

Toyota & the Concept-i


Image credit: Toyota

Driverless cars naturally have to have AI to navigate roads, read signs and react to variables, but some brands picture a future where you can interact with your vehicle and it will give emotional responses in return. Both Toyota, with the Concept-I, and Honda’s NeuV model, showcased cars with this concept – Toyota’s even has ‘’blinking’’ headlights.

But it isn’t always about the serious stuff. Tesla has stuffed their current cars with easter eggs – from a sat nav skin that shows ‘’Martian’’ terrain, to a festive lightshow.

FEATURED IMAGE CREDIT: gadgets.ndtv.com