Electric Cars: ‘Charge & Park’ Coming Soon

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), the market share for electric cars is steadily on the rise. Where 2005 saw a few hundred in existence, by 2015, this had grown to over 1200,000 – and the US, surprisingly, leads the demand.

With this surge in interest, brands are looking at ways to make the vehicles more convenient to run – enter the ‘charge & park’ concept. General Motors, Toyota and Ford are all either moving towards, or already affiliated with, wireless charging companies (such as WiTricity), with the aim to fit parking spaces of the future with wireless charging adaptors. Ford even has an app, FordPass, to enable customers to book their spaces – an important consideration for cities where parking any kind of vehicle is precious.

The ‘charge & park’ idea comes as welcome news for electric cars which, despite being a greener alternative to diesel- and petrol-powered vehicles, have endured a somewhat negative view, thanks to their low battery life.

In related news, CES 17 marked the unveiling of US car-maker Faraday Future’s FF91, potentially the world’s fastest car – and an electric one at that.

IMAGE CREDIT: Samuel M Livingston on Flickr.

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