The World’s Most Valuable Brands: Why Tech Sits At The Top

Independent branded business valuation consultancy, Brand Finance, has revealed 2017’s 500 most valuable brands. From Dell to Delta and BBC to KFC, these are the companies that are making their mark on the world.

You might not realise that Neutrogena ranks more highly than Ferrari (253 and 258 respectively), or that a tobacco brand, Camel, even makes the list (283, in case you were wondering). Pleasingly, amidst news that Marks & Spencer are closing some of their stores, they still feature – but the revelations have caused them to fall over 100 places.

In almost a decade, the top sectors – tech, banks, telecoms, retail and auto – have all seen growth, but it’s tech that makes the most impressive mark. Since 2008, its value has more than doubled, growing from around $400bn to well over $1000bn.

Here’s the list of the world’s most valuable brands:

1) Google
2) Apple
3) Amazon
4) AT&T
5) Microsoft
6) Samsung
7) Verizon
8) Walmart
9 Facebook
10) ICBC

Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple and Google all featured in the top 10 this year, but only Facebook was a new addition. Tech titan Google lead the way with a value of US$109 billion, tipping 5-time winner Apple off the top spot. However, while Amazon stayed at the same place in the ratings (a respectable 3rd), it’s worth mentioning that their brand value grew by 53% – partially due to the introduction of grocery service Amazon Fresh.

From VR to smart speakers and even a take on Apple’s Facetime, Google have definitely been busy this year. And, in other news, they recently released their list of 2016’s most popular searches, which makes for fascinating reading.

Our prediction for 2017? Apple will be back in the top spot, and Amazon may well overtake Google. As for social media giant Facebook – after recent criticism regarding their privacy and advertising laws, their future is definitely looking brighter.

IMAGE CREDIT: Bartholomule on Flickr.