Brand Spotlight: Illamasqua And Why Politics Isn’t Pretty

While retail may not seem the place to pitch politics, sometimes brands recognise their power as a platform for change. In light of the current political uncertainty surrounding Trump’s presidency, beauty company, Illamasqua, have taken a stand against what they see to be a threat to their values and identity.

As a brand that celebrates freedom of expression, diversity and equality – from the ethnicities, genders and sexuality of their models, to supporting refugees and campaigning against bullying – Illamasqua are taking on Trump’s politics, notably his infamous travel ban.

Prejudice, sexism and racism should never be tolerated
– Julian Kynaston, founder

In a powerful email from founder Julian Kynaston – who personally identifies with the goth movement and is renowned for his fashion sense and experimental make-up – the stance against Trump and alt-right politics couldn’t have been made clearer, with the self-titled ‘’brand builder’’ declaring that ‘’prejudice, sexism and racism should never be tolerated’’ and that Illamasqua will actively ‘’never knowingly sell…to people who support President Trump’s values’’.

Mixing make-up with a political message is a bold move, especially for a brand whose second-largest market is in the US. But while Kynaston acknowledges it could cost sales, he recognizes that ‘’sometimes principles have a price.’’

Principles have a price
– Julian Kynaston

One of the email’s closing messages is in keeping with Illamasqua’s brand name – the notion of ‘’illusion’’, ‘’masquerade’’ and using make-up to experiment with alter egos and personalities – and a further dig at the perma-tanned President, declaring that ‘’make-up can never hide the ugliness inside’’.