Trade Show: Professional Beauty 2017, London

While Professional Beauty continues to tour the UK, 3 products stood out earlier this month, when the capital played host. While the event celebrates pioneering beauty brands on a number of fronts, it’s the tech category that always seems the most revolutionary – and here are the nifty gadgets that took centre stage.

2016 was a year that cashed in on contouring and clown face, à la the Kardashians. The beauty world was quick to catch on, with many brands releasing specialised palettes, but it’s the tech spin on this trend – new for 2017 – that really excites.

First up is Crystal Clear, who showcased their Contour IT kit at the event – a product that draws on past anti-ageing technology to bring a temporary, contoured look to skin without the need for brushes and make-up. For a more natural look, the kit uses a combination of illuminating moisturiser and a sonic wave-emitting wand to physically hold skin in place and deliver more defined cheekbones, brows and jawline.

Next up is a revolution in the hair care arena. A futuristic hairband from HairMax, the LaserBand41, uses 41 lasers to reverse baldness and encourage healthier, fuller, and higher-density hair growth. Trials show that men and women saw vast hair growth over 6 months after using the product just three times a week – with an average growth of 129 new hairs per square inch.

Finally, for L’Oréal, it’s all about wearables. The superbrand’s latest tech venture, My UV Patch, allows users to track their UV exposure and adapt their sun protection accordingly. The hair-thin device lights up according to the level of UV and connects to an app to offer personalised tips on sun risk and when (and which) products could be applied to combat it.

Image credit: Daniel A.V. on Flickr.