The Best April Fool’s Jokes Of 2017

Celebrating the tradition of April Fool’s jokes, here’s our round-up for this year – from cars to comics.

Asda trialled a dating app

Promising to match couples based on their shopping habits, the ‘Asdate App’ guaranteed a ”date’s definitely in the bag”. Asda later admitted it was all a prank with words that sounded oddly familiar: ”love not found in basket area”.

Superdrug upped their brow game

The monobrow is in – so said the beauty brand, who even gave a step-by-step guide to creating ”on fleek eyebrow make up”, including a top tip of ”adding individual eyelash extensions” for a fuller-looking brow.

Honda and the Beano plumped for emojis

Honda’s April Fool wasn’t that far-fetched – a steering wheel featuring emoji buttons with different sound effects in place of a horn (including the Happy Honda Honk, to be used as a greeting to other drivers, and the Honda Dog, silent to humans, to warn canines of approaching traffic).

They weren’t the only brand to cash in on emojis – decades-old comic, the Beano, announced all future editions to be exclusively written in emojis.

The Liverpool Echo reported on a new 99p coin

The Liverpool Echo cashed in on the new (legitimate) 12-sided £1 coin with a story about a 99p coin, apparently set to circulate this summer in order to phase out coppers. The newspaper reported: ”The coin – also 12-sided – is designed to bring a smile to the faces of people either too tight to part with a pound or those sick of getting copper in their change.”

The Daily Mail revealed Prince Harry got hitched

In a elaborate move that involved lookalikes, the popular paper published that Harry, fifth-in-line to the throne, had married his actress girlfriend, Meghan Markle. According to the Mail, it was a quick Vegas ceremony that cost a mere $300 – reportedly because they didn’t want ”the fuss, expense or attention of a big, public wedding”.

Paddy Power announced seahorse racing

Dubbed an ”equine-aquatic” venture, Paddy Power unveiled a new novelty sport – seahorse racing. Allegedly 5 years in the making, and with hopes to make over E6m, the sports and entertainment giant promised to take the racing sector to ”new depths” with claims that it could rival the Grand National.

Image credits: to each brand/publication listed. Featured image: Mike Mozart on Flickr.


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