Beauty News: 3 Trends

From thermal products to animal ingredients, here’s what’s been on our radar.


Active ingredients are the new beauty buzzword – and the new theme is thermal. Italian-based Leriem Sport have a duo of products designed to warm muscles up (literally), while French label Jeewin and all-American brand Yuni boast products with formulas activated by your body heat and friction respectively.


Hot on the heels of snail slime, the beauty world is now looking to life under the sea for that miracle ingredient – specifically, anemone venom. Research conducted by Venomtech (‘the UK’s largest venom library’) and Metrio (a ‘drug discovery’ company) showed that, in a 4-week trial, a protein inside the venom reduced skin sensitivity by a whopping 26%.


Technology and beauty go increasingly in hand, and now, stores are bringing VR to the forefront. Giorgio Armani debuted a smart mirror in their new London pop-up, while Dior’s customers can try out lip and nail styles on a virtual model. Plus, apps are getting in on the action – with Sephora Virtual Assistant and L’Oreal Makeup Genius to name but two.

Image credit: Andy Powell on Flickr.