Brand Spotlight: Dove

Renowned for celebrating body diversity in a slew of past campaigns that featured women of all sizes, ethnicities and ages, Dove is taking a bold step by launching some limited edition, curvy new packaging for their body wash range.

Created by London-based advertising agency, Ogilvy & Mather, a spokesperson for Dove said the bottles represented ‘’real beauty’’, as ‘’everyone’s version of beauty is different’’, and that they wanted ‘’to bring this to life through our products’’.

The brand has been applauded for many of its recent ads, including:

#MyBeautyMySay – a campaign which featured stories of women who stood up for their beauty, including androgynous model Rain, plus-size blogger Jessica, and Judith, an eccentric dresser challenged by her profession
Evolution – a video ‘shedding light on the industry’, with a timelapse showing how a typical model is made up and then photoshopped for a beauty campaign
Real Beauty Sketches – a campaign to show how women negatively perceive their beauty, with an FBI forensic artist drawing sketches based on a stranger’s perception of the subject, and how the subject described themselves