Spotlight On Retail: Nootropics

‘Smart drugs’ are taking root in the beauty industry. Whether it’s pills that keep you productive, a caffeine hit for energy, or a feel-good formula for improving your mood and sleep quality, there’s a supplement to solve any problem.

One standout company, MindLab, categorise their products according to 6 ‘brain pathways’, including ‘structural’, which targets injury repair, degeneration and general ageing. With a preference for more premium ingredients and natural nootropics (such as extract of lion’s mane mushroom) a part of their brand make-up, as well as a sensitivity to the connected wellness market (vegan-friendly and gluten-free products proudly feature), it’s not hard to see why they’re the market leaders.

In contrast to this, Nootrobox focus on one area – performance. Products range from coffee cubes for an on-the-go caffeine hit to sleep-optimising pills, and their overall goal is to fine-tune the body, stating “the human body is the platform in the 21st century”.

Finally, Nootrostax rely on ‘stacking’ nootropics – or blending different nootropics together into super products. Accredited by WSJ and Forbes amongst others, their products cover productivity (Smart), rest (Relax), sleep (Sleep) and energy (Boost).

Surprisingly, it seems the nootropics category is widely safe and legal – but with performance-enhancing sporting drugs condemned, it’s possibly only a matter of time before smart supplements follow suit.