The Scent Of Success? Paintable Perfume

Beauty brands love to innovate. Now, the focus turns to fragrance, with a surprising way to package this precious product.
Perhaps inspired by Chloe’s recent foray into perfume applied with a brush, several brands have followed suit with their own versions. Here are 3 which stand out.  

Jo Malone

Moving on from candles and dabbling more into the world of cologne and bodycare, Jo Malone’s Fragrance Paintbrush applies a gel, rather than a liquid, to skin, which melts on contact. the built-in brush makes it quick and easy, and the brand’s minimalist packaging looks modern and stylish.


This little-known cosmetics house has created the Perfume Brush, which looks like a more svelte version of Jo Malone’s Fragrance Paintbrush – this time in any colour, as long as it’s black. What’s most surprising about the product is that it comes in powder form, diffusing gently onto skin.


Even Sweden has got on board with the painted perfume trend. Oriflame, a sort of Sephora-style store, have launched their Very Me range – though with its clear, colourful tube, it could easily be mistaken for a large lipgloss. It somehow doesn’t feel as novel as the in-built brush applicators, or as boundary-pushing as a gel or powder formula.
Overall, the sleek packaging, mini size and subtle nature of the fragrances are all major advantages for the brands – though premium prices for such little product could mean the idea is short-lived in stores.
Image credit: Peter Remmers on Flickr.