Brand Spotlight: Atari

Making an announcement just after E3 2017, in which the biggest news was the launch of the Xbox One X, Atari are wading in on the console war with the Ataribox.

The original Atari debuted in the 1970s, bringing arcade classics like Pong, Centipede and Space Invaders to the home. Though the brand has followed in the footsteps of Sega (Megadrive Portable) and Nintendo (Classic Mini NES) with a series of consoles offering in-built versions of gaming classics, this is the first time it’s entered the console market since 1993’s doomed Atari Jaguar – it’s tended to stick to online arcade games and mobile offerings in more recent times.

So, what could the console look like? How powerful will it be? And what kind of games can we expect? Well, a sneak preview on Atari’s own website hints at a similar design to the original console, with wood effect panelling, so it seems like nostalgia is a huge selling point – which could spill into the type of games the console offers (we’re predicting plenty of platform games). It’s also been revealed that the console is to be ‘’powered by PC technology’’.

As of yet, there’s no word of a release date or price tag – it’s still early days for Atari, so how it holds up against market giants Sony and Microsoft remains to be seen.

Image credit: Reinis Ivanovs on Flickr.