Spotlight on F1: Introducing The Babypod 20

You could be forgiven for thinking that F1 puts all its energies into designing cars. In fact, Williams Advanced Engineering, an offshoot of the Williams Group, develops alternative technologies for other industries.

Although the team reportedly spends £100m a year on attempts to make its cars speedier, it has been working on an incredible side project with Advanced Healthcare Technology (AHT): a baby carrier to be used for transporting critically ill infants to hospital, which can attach to a stretcher, and can even be used in cases where babies are needed to be airlifted.

Image above taken from AHT’s website.

Just like Williams’ cars, the specs are impressive: each compact cot can withstand a g-force of 20, is significantly lighter than previous incubators, and features the same carbon material as its F1 counterparts. There’s also a see-through lid to help monitor the baby, and a padded interior for a comfortable journey.

The price tag – £5000 – may seem pricey, but actually comes out cheaper than previous pods, and every sale will not only help save lives, but help raise money for the expensive sport.

Image credit: Tharrin on Flickr.